World Bank video, Makin’ bank!

I loved working for Lemonly. It was a great learning experience and helped me grow faster than I would have on my own. One of the projects I had the pleasure to work on was a video for the World Bank. Like, THE World Bank. I was in charge of all the character animation.

(Nice to see you finally putting that animation degree to work.) You’re telling me.

Unfortunately, I was so stoked to work on this project I completely forgot my cardinal rule. Work smarter not harder.

(That’s your cardinal rule?) For this blog yes.

If you are an animator or even use After Effects for anything more than marveling at it’s many features, and sometimes overwhelming interface, you should use Duik. Duik allows you to use IK, among other things, to give more natural movements to your animations. I hope to do a tutorial or two on this subject. It’s one of my favorite things do in animation.

See below for intro:

Mind Blown

I know right! Mind blown.

I look like him by the way (No, you don’t.)