Life just did that

You know that moment when you’re walking down the street and you arrive at the corner of Success and Destiny, then life jumps out of an alley and says, “Surprise B*!#h!”, and takes all your money. Yeah, that just happened to me. Life is a jerk.

Drive-by wedgie

(Uh, Ryan, you swore.) Sorry, It was an emotional moment and it will never happen again. On this blog.

So this is it. A new era has begun. Actually it started about 6 weeks ago but I was slow getting my blog up. I lost my job due to downsizing and I’m in search of my next adventure. I still love that company and would recommend anyone working there if they get the chance. And I will hate you forever.

I'm Fine

But enough sadness! This is a chance for adventure and testing my metal. Let the party begin!

Let me dust off my bucket list… Crap. I have work to do. Create a game, create an animated short, see the Milky way, Blog… Hey! Check!

I’ve always wanted to blog. I was fortunate enough to blog for Lemonly and loved it. I built this one by the way. From scratch. Just a note to all you employers out there.

(As “from-scratch” as you can get with WordPress.)  Shh…

And as you could probably guess, I like gifs. There will be lots of those. I also have a weird sense of humor so… yeah…


I will also post things I’ve learned, things I’m interested in, maybe a review or two? Who knows.

(Ryan. That’s what a blog is. Duh.) You’re mean.

This blog WILL have regular content. If you see a long gap in entries send me a message and get on my case.

I want it

Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to go play with my kid. Second childhood for the win!

My wife says I need to add “find another job” to my bucket list.