I am a full stack web developer from Omaha Nebraska and a graduate of the Omaha Code School. I also have a bachelors degree in animation and 3D modeling. My wife and I love to travel and embrace a good challenge (like teaching ourselves to print with a vintage letterpress - yes we still have all of our fingers). If you would like to talk web development (or the current Doctor Who) drop me a line.


Web Development

Nixie was my final project for the Omaha Code School. We were given the option of continuing work on a previous project or starting from scratch. I chose to start from scratch so that I could work on all elements of the project. It is still a work in progress but I am very proud of my work. This app helps you keep track of how much water you should drink and how much you do drink. Take a closer look and try it out.

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Lincoln's Unicycle


Lincoln's Unicycle is a colaberation with Krystal Leichliter. We were making a series of .gifs in honor of president's day. Krystal Developed the concept and art in Illustrator and I designed the animation in After Effects. You can see more of my animations on behance or check out here art on dribbble.

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2D Character Creation / Animation

The Knight was a character that I designed in Abobe Illustrator. I then decided to rebuild him so that he could be animated in After Effects. This was a personal project with no other purpose but to further my skills.

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3D Modeling / Game Developement

The Halfling's Office was designed and created while I was at Gnomon School for Visual Arts. It was part of a level design project.

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